Whats the most random place you've had sex in?

I’d have to say mine was in a hospital

Just curious to see some answers :)

Answer #1

That wasn’t funny at all…and totally uncalled for.

The most random place I’ve ever had sex…as much as I hate to say it…was in a cemetary.

Answer #2

your wrong sugarbaby. It wasn’t funny at all. The most random place I’ve had sex was in my Laundry room.

Answer #3

behind a morge lmao

Answer #4

wow…that was almost funny

Answer #5

in a garaqe

Answer #6

ok me and my boy friend went to a party after it wass over at about 2am……..we went to the sea side to chill and then at about 5-6am we ended up having sex…….. …….lol it was an great experience

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