Why do i feel scared all the time?

hey, have you ever had that feeling where you sit there, and feel insecure about something but you rnt sure what it is? if so, why do I feel that way?

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Dont worry your not the only one im 19 and married..I cant sleep by myself when I take a shower its very brief, im not even sure what im afraid of..it takes me hours to go to sleep (when I do sleep) just because im terrifed..I've always been like this my parents thought it was "just a phase" ..but its something I never grew out of! the answer how to stop?: there isnt one sure, it may be anxiety but I've tried all kinds of pills..its a mind thing deep down something has bothered you and the fear stayed..best thing to do is get a journal and write your emotionswhen your scared-also your dream and your biggest fear and you might figure out whats the biggest thing scaring you..go 4rm there

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humans hate to be alone. execpt ofr the few of us that pefer solitude, everyone hates being separated from the group. its a primordial insinct. when we were still apes ( if you belive that version) if we strayed away from our group we would probably be killed. those smart of us to sick with the others survives those who didnt died. we sill have that instict too. it snormal

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help urself!
pity u darl

dont fall for it, try to break your own question. It's your mind and body so take control. If u cant then see a doctor or somthing.

Young people like u shud live life and have fun, not feeling scared all the time

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I have that feeling all the time I'm glad I'm not the only one. Theres been times where I was to scared to sleep alone or be in a room by myself. I dont know why we feel like that I would like to know to?

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I feel scared all the time to. when I get scared it makes me sad I don't know what the problem is. I feel alone a lot to but when I am with people, I feel like I want to be alone again...

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You could possibly have anxiety. If these feelings persist, or begin to take a toll on your life, see a doctor.

To help you out in the meantime, here are a few ideas:

*Watch things that make you happy, comedy's etc.
*Also physical exercise is key, that's where the expression healthy body, healthy mind comes from.

Hope that helps.

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I have something a tad different but almost the same.I was involved with a bad crowd for 8 months and got into as much trouble as one could think of,I'm on probation and everything.
But I hated getting into fights didnt matter if I knew I could win or not.well one day I was jumped severly by 7 gang members and the last words they said to me were "next time we'll have guns" and this scared me so bad that I dont know how to cope with life anymore,it's hard to explain but I feel that no matter where I go somebody that doesnt like me will find me and jump me again or shoot me.I've had suicidal moments where I've taken a bottle of pills and went to the ER and im just scared all of the time.once I say this noody will probably want to help but the main problem is because I was in a gang,and I did bad things.I just want things to be back to how they were, and not be so paranoid and scared to leave my house.I suffer from a lot of problems now but I dont want to believe that I cant have my life back.
I'm 16 and live in the projects, can anybody give me some advice?

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You need to talk to an adult that you trust, people on the internet don't know you well enough to help. If you don't feel comfortable talking to any adult, whether it be parent, or teacher about it, ring childline, or the Samaritans.

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I feel scared when im alone, I have done for years, also showers are very brief. I suffer from anxiety. go to church and pray, that helped me a lot. also try to stay away from horror movies. Watch things that make you happy, comedy's etc. Also physical exercise is key, thats where the expression healthy body, healthy mind comes from. Hope that helps.

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I feelscared of people,I never feel comfortable when meeting new people,specially men.I feel fear of being asked questions in public?am now 24 and working.

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Yeah sounds like anxiety to me, I have these problems too.
It's a growing problem in this fast paced stress fuelled lifestyle.

I find doing something that puts your state of mind into the opposite of fear/anxiety gets you out of it.

Eg. Watching comedy, romantic movie, erotica

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I get scared too, but I guess there's always something to be scared of, it's an annoying fact of life.
But we can have friends and I think we just have to find a way to have hope and courage to try and find those people that we feel safe with, and then try to live our lives as best we can. If we don't they're winning anyway.
You could also try a self-defense class, I was thinking of taking one, and you could consider carrying an alarm.
I don't really know this is just my opinion, but I hope everything turns out ok for you! x

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I have a hard time sometimes being on time for things because I will talk myself down to the point where I'm afraid to even go outside because of my insecurities. This kind of thing also happens when I try to meet people (especially girls/women). I will read some profile online and feel that I am inadequate to meet the needs of the other person to the point that I won't even message them. If I am too scared to meet people online, how can I possibly ever hope to meet someone out in the real world?

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