Why do I feel like puberty is getting the best of me?

I’m 14-15 in a few months-and I feel like puberty is getting the best of me.

My skin hasn’t been clear for at least 4 years, I’ve tried absolutely everything for it, nothing helps and I can’t look in the mirror and say something nice about myself. I look in the mirror and I think badly. I think about all the things I wish I could change.

I don’t feel pretty. Yeah, people tell me I’m pretty, but I want to FEEL pretty. I don’t want people to tell me I’m pretty when I don’t even feel it.

My hair is taking forever to grow out and I’m such an impatient person. I feel so awkward right now. My body isn’t developed, I don’t wear make-up, my skin is a mess and my curly hair is never quite tamed.

I feel like once I’m through with puberty, I’ll feel pretty. Does that make any sense?

I would like to start wearing just a bit of make-up, like mascara, to make me feel a little bit better about myself. How do I ask my mom?

Will my skin clear up when I’m 17 or 18?

Why is puberty getting the best of me? I hate this. I hate feeling so bad about myself, but I can’t NOT feel bad about myself.

I truly feel like I’ll be okay in a few years.

I’m so impatient though. How do I be more patient with puberty?

Answer #1

Puberty gets the better of most people. It’s truly hellish unless you’re blessed with absolutely amazing genes, and even then, you’ve got rapidly shifting social pressures to deal with. The good news is that you’ve passed the halfway point. The bad news is you still have a few years of bad skin, hair growth, and body parts swelling unexpectedly. No, your skin probably won’t clear up when you’re 17, but neither will anyone else’s.

The best advice I wish I could implant into those suffering through puberty is this: you know how you leave the house in the morning absolutely mortified because you think everyone is staring at your pimple (or pimples) and you would gladly fail the rest of high school if it meant you could stay him until you were 23? Trust me, no one – NO one – is looking at it because they’re all too worried about their own pimple or their own patchy hair growth or their own oily skin or their own awkwardness or their own swelling body parts. Only you care about the things you wish you could change, because only you wish you could change them. To everyone else, you’re perfectly normal.

Answer #2

There are two different paths to take here. Theres the one where you stick it out, and gradually grow into your looks and gain self confidence. Or theres option number 2. You can be vain about it, go out change your hair, dye it, cut it, get extensions whatever you want. Go to a dermatologist, you’ll get a product that will clear up your skin. Go to any department, or cosmetic store, get a makeover and buy a bunch of products. Basically go out and create the you, you want to be. Personally I’d advise to go with the first option, because from experience changing how you look on the outside, will never change who you are on the inside.

Answer #3

How do you be more patient with puberty? I would recommend actually realizing that it is a natural phase in your life and that everyone goes through it- you’re not the only one who is dealing with these things.

If you want to wear make up go ahead, but really, don’t waste your youth hating yourself and puberty. It’s just not worth it.

Answer #4

I know how you feel I am a 15 year old boy and I also am impationt with puberty. I feel like everyone is developing without me and I am sure you feel the same way. Also because of puberty being slow for me means I am less likely to ask I girl out as I feel imbarassed about my body. But I have come to realise that I am not alone that many people suffer with the same problems. So don’t get worrid about it.

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