What does getting your eyebrow pierced feel like?

I want to get my eyebrow pierced can anyone give me any info towards how it feels when you get it done?

Answer #1

It feels like if you pinched yourself tweezing your eyebrows, nothing big.

I have my eyebrow and nose pierced.

Answer #2

It doesnt hurt I didnt even know she had done it until my mom told me!

Answer #3

Im thinking about getting it done… so it doesnt hurt that much???

Answer #4

Hmm I’ve had mine twice and it didn’t feel like anything.

The eyebrow area is mostly skin–no cartilege or anything, so it kind of just feels like pressure and that’s it. No pain.

Answer #5

my friend told me hers didn’t hurt her much.

But different people can cope with different amounts of pain, I suppose.

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