Why do i feel horny and want to have sex at 13?

I ant started my period and feel like rreally horny. What do I do now

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it's TOTALLY NORMAL to feel horny and want sex at yur age. every teenager has these feelings - it's part of growing up. but yur TOO YOUNG at 13. wait til yur at least 18 before even considering sex.

you might wanna consider masturbating instead. it can relieve your horny feelings, without the risks of sex (pregnancy, infection).

if you need info about masturbating or sex stuff, visit this website for teens... http://www.coolnurse.com/

its written by medical people who are interested in keeping teens healthy. read what they have to say before believing anything yur friends say about sex. I wish I knew about this website when I was yur age (im now 21)..

best, joe

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I got my period and im horny all da tyme lol but im just scared 2 lose itt

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you ever get h.o..r.n.y and wanna chat message me im 14 and my name is nick

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you ever get h.orny and wanna chat message me im 14 and my name is nick

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