Is it bad that I want sex?

I am 13 and want to have sex bad! Is that bad? Help!

Answer #1

Not bad, but early. You will mind it if you do it now.

Answer #2

I am a girl. Don’t only guys masturbate? If not how do I do it?

Answer #3

Wanting sex at 13 = Not necessary a bad thing. Actually having sex at 13 = Bad news!

Answer #4

no it’s not bad at all =] totally natural especially when your maturing. like they said just touch yourself find out what feels good to you =] it will help

Answer #5

one answer masturbation. lol it’s what everyone does. It keeps your sex drive down, and it’s lots of fun =)

Answer #6

Doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy. No, it’s not bad, but it is bad if you do have sex. It’s actually normal and what you can do is either A)Masturbate to bring your hormones down a few levels.. or B)Try your best to put it aside. Having sex is an option, but you’d probably feel bad later.

Answer #7

Are you a boy or a girl??

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