Why do I feel guilty?

I like to go shopping a lot and when I shop, I buy expensive clothes. I’ll spend about $100 on jeans and usually $30-50 on shirts and shoes. I love to go shopping and I do have a job. I’ve got a car to pay for and I always put money away for that but why do I always feel guilty after I go shopping and spend a lot of money?

Answer #1

It might have something to do with how much money you had growing up- my parents were not big earners, and I learned from a very young age how to bargain shop- as I got older, I always felt guilty spending large amounts of money on things, unless they were something I had to save money each week for (ie: my first stereo). I only recently noticed that I buy a whole heap of cheap clothes that I sort-of like, wear them a few times, then put them in a charity bin.

I had to recognise when I really liked something, (rather than a low price tag), and only buy things when there was a real need for them. Currently, I only really seem to spend money on underpants, because I have a really full wardrobe! Having said that, once a month, I make a point of splurging on something I really love.

I also make a point of budgeting out my money- take out expenses, savings, emergency money (for a doctor etc), and take out a bit extra if I have a night out planned etc, and then I get a figure of how much I can spend on luxuries like shopping. I divide this amount by 10- this is how much I can spend per day that week, with 3 extra amounts in case I find something that slightly exceeds the daily budget. Anything I don’t spend goes into savings.

I also like to look around at everything that’s available before I spend a cent- It’s better to be sure of what you want, rather than spend a lot on what you like immediately, then see something you like better and dip into your savings.

Because of this, I don’t feel guilt over my shopping. It might seem a bit of a financial over-analysis, but it’s worth it to not feel guilty.

Answer #2

you feel guilty because in the back of your mind, you see little indian children slaving away in a sweat shop making shoe laces for a cent an hour.

I feel the samme way, love !

Answer #3

Well, yes you should feel guilty, because spending too much money just on shopping is not good. Half or even more of that money can go to charity!!

Answer #4

Maybe you could use some of that money to save up for what you always wanted. Not clothing or anything, but bigger, like a deposit for a house or somethng big. Bonus, it gains interest. Then you probably wont feel guilty. Set yourself limits to your spending, realistic limits, and then stick to those limits. Self-discipline.

Answer #5

well I dont think your spending a lot $100 is £50 $30 is £15 the jeand are only a lil bit expensive maybe its because you feel the money could be put to better use or that you need to be saving up to buy a apartment or sumthing

Answer #6

Because “things” do not bring joy, only the Lord gives us joy as we take Him into our heart. Do give, do save, and do give ( oh, I said that twice– guess that is my heart speaking), and do spend. God loves a cheerful giver–one that gives freely and is not coerced. Pray where His money (it is ALL His anyway) will do the most good. Local charities, give to the church of your choice, food bank, sponsor a child through Compassion International where they actually give 80% of the money sent to that child!

Remember, Christ came and took away ALL guilt! Bless you for your conviction. I am not perfect, either.

Answer #7

The question, “Why do I feel guilty?” usually can be answered with, “Because you are.”

Guilt is an emotion God built into our consciousness to help guide us in our decision making. If something makes us feel guilty, we probably will feel better if we don’t do it anymore.

Extravagant shopping has been labeled as an addiction. Simlilar, but not the same as drug addiction or alcoholism, Shopping stimulates the pleasure reaction in the brain that releases endorphins.

Endorphins are a neurotransmitter that some drugs mimic in our bodies. There is nothing wrong with endorphins or pleasure. Your guilt may come from the unmanageability of your finances.

See if there is a 12 step program. Check out www.shopaholicsanonymous.org/ orwww.shopperanonymous.com/

Good luck and God bless you.

Answer #8

Probably becuase you didnt have as much money as you had to spend on other things! I do all the time when I go shopping I buy expensive things like you but I love shopping and I earn the money for myself so, so what? :) If you have enough money for everything else you need to pay for e.g Car, Bills and food and the occasional night out if you want to go out then nothing should stop you!! it dont stop me :) Haha

Answer #9

because people are starving on the streets an dying of things with no cure…CANCER..AIDS. how about you donate your money.

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