How do you feel about louis vuitton, chanel, coach and mac?

I always wondered how people felt about their prices. Do you think the prices are worth the products? Because I get mac lipgloss for $16 bucks and its like a little container. But just wondering your opinion. Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

It depends on how much I like the product.

Like I’ve tried stuff from Mac and the only product they have that I REALLY like is their powder, the other stuff is all just standard to me (aka not worth it).

I had a purse by LV that I adored! But my cousin broke it (man she owe’s me now).

I’m not all that into paying for it, or getting it as a gift or whatever, cause it is rather outrageous. Like MAC is just make up so it’s rather cheap (to me). But like $3-15 grand on a purse IS rather ridiculous. But IF someone actually like LOVE’s it then I don’t see why not. Yes it’s expensive but if it’s something you love then why not? As long as you HAVE the money to spend on it and aren’t risking financial problems for it then heck whatever floats your boat, have at it! Haha xD

For any of them though, I don’t think the product is actually WORTH the amount of money your spending on it. It’s a luxury that you treat yourself to in my opinion.

Answer #2

I personally think it’s ridiculous. I can find the same shade for 3 bucks. .. I’m not a big spender when it comes to myself.. at all.

Answer #3

Definitely good brand names and the quality are AAA+, if one can afford to buy the products then its money well spent, good for them.

$16 for a lip gloss is cheap compare to other brands eg: Rimmel. etc… I do love the Chanel No. 5 thou and still got the bottle with some of the perfume left in it, stepmom sure knows how to shop. :)

Answer #4

Well of course they’ll have really nice things but I personally don’t think it’s worth to spend the money. I mean $16 just for lip gloss? That’s ridiculous. You can buy different clothes and makeup and other accessories similar to theirs that is a lot cheaper. That’s what I do cause if I see some really nice clothes that’s really expensive or something like that, I just keep my eye open for stuff that’s similar to it and that is a lot cheaper.

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