Why do I feel bad about this?

I go to church. & I believe 110% in God. I almost always go to Sunday school & church after that. My dad was a youth advisor for evening service when we had youth meetings. But ever since he cheated on my mom & stopped coming to church, I’ve stopped going to a lot of the youth meetings & evening services. I still go to Sunday school though. We hardly ever do anything at our youth meetings anyways, like, we sing songs& small things like that. & at evening services, I dont really understand what’s being preached. Is it okay if I still go to Sunday school, & not come to the youth meetings!? I feel so bad. Our church is very small & we dont have like 258961147909643 people showing up. Is it okay?

Answer #1

I’m so sorry your dad cheated. If you don’t do much at the youth meetings, its fine to skip those. I’m sure your pastor would understand. Its probably not required to attend the meetings right? Anyway, you can still attend Sunday School. Don’t feel bad. It sounds like you have a real small church. Keep believing in the word and continue to come to Sunday School. Speak to your pastor to think of ideas for the youth meetings. But, like I said, I don’t think your required to attend. I can’t assume things since I don’t know your church. But, its possible not to attend youth meetings. Your Pastor can help you more on that.

Answer #2

It would be wonderful if we lived in a perfect world, where everyone did exactly what they should, and we didn’t have to go thru stuff like this… however… we are not yet in that perfect world. We are still struggling here on planet earth.

It is very hard, when someone that we look upto commits sin, it is painful for everyone connected to that person. It hurts the family, it hurts the friends, it hurts the church, it hurts every relationship connected with that person.

That is why the bible teaches against sin. It brings pain and suffering.

The bible shows us how to respond to sin, and one of the ways is to forgive.

This is sometimes very hard to do, but, essential to our well being.

If we harbor unforgiveness, it will fester, and grow.

It can affect our bodies, as well as our whole outlook on life.

With Gods help, we can learn how to forgive, even if we don’t want to at the time.

God understands our pain, and he wants to help us thru it.

Seek his will on this. And since you are young, you may want to have some counseling sessions with your pastor, or elders. They can help you thru this.

Father, I pray for this young girl, that you would help her thru this tradegy. That you would encourage her, and help her to find the answers that she seeks. Lead her and guide her, so that she can grow stronger thru this trial. Help those around her to reach out to her, and help her thru this. Help the church thru this. Help them to regroup, and refocus, to deal with this, and to be able to move on. Send them others that can help during this process. Rebuild the youth group, stronger than before. We thank you and we praise you, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

God be with you, honey. (((hugs)))

Answer #3

Religion is not something you owe to someone else. Do with it what you feel best, and feel no guilt about how others may perceive that. It isn’t any of their business.

Answer #4

yes its totally fine. look, mi dad cheated too…and I used to be like such a religious person but then after mi dad left and god took mi aunt carol from earth…I stopped praying at night selfconciously or subconciously or however you say but I ddnt mean for it its just like I don’t feel connections anymore. don’t feel bad…mi mom want even take me to church s o I go every monday with mi friends and most sundays with mi neighbor.

Answer #5

yes its fine!

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