Why do i f33l so much pr3ssur3?

I am 34 weeks pr3gnant tomarrow and I hav3 alota p3lvis pr3ssure is that normal at this tim3? I dont want to hav3 my son 3arly becaus3 that could r3sult in h3alth probl3ms... im such a worry wart... a littl3 closur3 would b3 nic3 <3

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I am sure you are fine & its just the weight of the baby settling into your pelvis but definately bring it up Monday. By the way, my son was born at 33 weeks. He weighed 3 & a half pounds & spent a month in the NICU. He is now almost 11 & perfectly healthy. So, don't worry too much. Everything is going to be fine.

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I like that name! Just try to take it easy until your appointment. I know its tough. Good luck! I hope you post pics once he is born. I love babies!

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thanks btw the threes thing just a habit and yes I know how to type lol... his names gonna be karsen aaron james thompson... and I appreciate the advice... I should make an appointment however I go see the doctor on the 18 which is monday so ill hold off until then... thanks

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I know everyones getting on your case, but if you haven't figured it out it really gets on people's nerves when you do not type correctly. It makes it harder to read as well so most people will ignore your question. However, pelvic pressure is normal in the 8th and ninth month. (I'm about to be 8 months on Saturday). It may also be the baby making the last turn around so he is facing correctly for labor. Do you have a name already? Congrats by the way.

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Why do you type 3's instead of E's? You do know the difference between letters and numbers don't you? Sorry...Unrelated pet peeve!

They could be Brackston Hicks contractions which are typically normal... You may be having real contractions...There could be something wrong... You should call your doctor and let them decide if you need to come in for an exam. They may put you on bed rest for the remainder of your term. Nothing beats a doctor when you are not sure!

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Learn to type -_-

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