why do I cum so quick am I premature :( ???

ok so like when me and my girlfriend having sex I only last a minet or so its killing me not being able to do I for her she says its fine and she dosnt mind but I know thats gt to be a lie, so my question is am I premature if I only last a minet or so if not is there anything I can do to last longer without going out to buy stuff, please help me I cant keep doing this to her btw im 16

Answer #1

I am 13 years old and got more hair on my body than my dad and I’ve got an ovly sized penis is this normal because im abit shy to to get involed with it but if there are any girls who can help please add me on shortstuff@live.co.uk

Answer #2

Practice Practice Practice. Yes I do mean masturbate. And try to go for as long as possible. Get up. Yes… Right Now… and go pee. As your going pee try to stop mid flow. If you were able too, good. (some people can’t) This is your PC muscles that you are flexing to stop peeing. It is also the muscle responsible for ejaculation. That movement you made to make yourself stop peeing is your PC muscle and you should work it out. Once stronger you will have more control over your ejaculation and can better control the time. This takes patience and time. Masturbate until your about to cum and try to stop it. Do this..well until you can’t stop it. Try to do that every time you masturbate

To exercise your PC muscles… squeeze and hold for 3 seconds and release (same motion you used to stop peeing) … Do this 20x in 3 sets. complete 1 set. and then rest for a minute or so and continue with another set and so on. Once 20x in 3 sets becomes easy increase the amounts. I also just do it none stop while driving. You will also start to notice the force of your ejaculation will get stronger.

In the mean time go to the store and buy Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms. Each condom has a lubricant that slightly desensitizes the penis and lets you last much longer.

Also, go down on her before having sex to give her an orgasm; or finger her afterward. Its always nice to repay the favor.

Answer #3

I’m a girl and don’t really know much about how that actually works but my boyfriend was like that at one point. We would start and 30 seconds later.. it was over, and I was like your girlfriend I didn’t want him to feel bad. But then we decided to switch up condom types and ever since it was back to normal. Weirdest thing!

Answer #4

Also masturbate before the act. Not JUST before, but long enough before that you can recover your stiffness, but then some of your edge will be off.

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