Why do i always start to cry when my mom yells at me?


Everytime my mom starts to yell at me or anything! My nose tingles up (my signof when I'm about to cry) and I start to cry..its not even that I "care so much and wont admit it" or anything im always thinking.."can this crazy woman just friking stop talking now!!!" I have no clue why I do it and I have no idea how to fix it... Not cool

Please help!

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you cry because you care for that person and your sad that they are upset with you

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I wish I could cry everytime my mom yelled at me! It would make her feel sympothy for me.

Who knows how I can ask my mom to start shaving?

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I do that a lot
your probrably just afraid of her in some way, but just dont know it.

my mom yells at me ... does she have a reason?

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