Why do I always bleed during sexual intercourse?

I don’t get it! Because after your cherry pops, you’re not suppose to bleed anymore, am I right? Well I do.. Sexual intercourse, or even masturbation.. I still bleed.. and It happens every single time, and then I’ll get dry blood coming out of me for the next 2 days usually! I think this is really disgusting!!! What is wrong with me? I know for sure that this doesn’t happen to everyone or they would definately give up sex because this is gross.

Answer #1

HUH! that sound like he is doing it too rough! tell him to go more gental and slowly increase the pace.

Answer #2

you might be ripping something when your doing it.. Try being really gentle and the guy also maybe that wont happen?

Answer #3

thats weird. I dont know. lol.

Answer #4

TOO ROUGH ! its hurtinq u

Answer #5


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