Why do guys while kissing, get hard yet dont pull back?

What I mean is when kissing a guy they tend to get hard and usually they pull away from a girl but...when I makeout with my boyfriend I feel his you know what :) but he pulls me closer and harder. What does that mean? I just wanna know other peoples point of view other than my guessing? :) also when I was making out I felt something strange about his you know what :) ha..like it had not vibrated but just I don't know its hard to explain unless it was my phone vibratng but my phone was in my pocket and I was agaisnt his package...hmmm hahah lol I don't know ?:p it was wierd but I dont mind..haha :)

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While making out when my boyfriend gets hard he starts to puul me closer so I don't think that it's uncommon for guys to do that.

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When me and my boyfriend start getting into the heavier makin out and I can feel him getting hard against me, he knows it turns me on too, so that could be part of it :P Also it feels good for him to be closer to you and to "show" you rather then tell you what he's thinking lol

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lol maybe your boyfriend wanted you to know how crazy you drive him xD at least thats what I got from my boyfriend. when he gets hard he either pulls me closer so I can feel it or grabs my hand and puts it on top of his pants.He said that feeling my body so close to his got him crazy, so maybe that's what your boyfriend wants :P

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