How do i get a guy to kiss you with out kissing him?

How do I get a guy to kiss me with out kissing him?
-I don't know?

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apparently if you look at a persons lip and then their eyes your body language will let them know you want to kiss them so they should be reassured to make the first move

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k easy go to movies (great makeout spot)
go up and get a little snack w him
right before you get to door to go in move say hey and grab his wrist pull him over to where you are gonna stand make sure its an easy lean in
stand up against a wall but dont stand up strait put 1 foot on wall and lean back casually then make a bit of small talk and try & get him to move in a bit closer as you talk or even you move in a bit just stop at the right moment and hope he goes in but thats all I can say 1st kiss could be pretty random in timing
oh make sure you go a little in to the move so lots of people arnt around that could be odd

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lean in so far and he should come the rest

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