Why do girls not eat in front of guys? does it turn off guys?

Ok...I don't know but this bugs the Hell out of me haha. I know a few people that won't even look at food when they are with their boyfriend. I don't understand why lol. I was at a Halloween party, adn this girl was there and he boyfriend was also. There was food and we all just sat on my friends couch and talk ect, ect. The girl Gabi, didn't eat a thing untill her boyfriend left. He teased her bout it. As soon as he left, she was like, "Ok good, now I can eat." I just laughed and was like whatever. My mom said that guys hate that. One of mu other friends, is like me and she loves to eat. She is very small but pigd out lol. Anywho...Why are girls like this, and do guys actually like it? Thanks! :)

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I don't like eating in front of ANYONE point blank. king just makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. So maybe she felt the same.

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wtf... how does it turn guys off.. wth wht kind monster are these guys??? thats soo retarded..well I wont mind if my girlfriend ate with me lol...wow.

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Well I eat infront of guys xD ahahah and I eat a lot :P and I gotta say that im not fat at all. I dont see what the problem is about eating infront of a guy ^^ I eat just right, not that I eat healthy food ALL the time but I do :) Its normal to eat xD

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hahahah I eat like crazy in front of guys or not I know im not fat even tho I eat like a TON!!! lool im not kidding and im really unhealthy sum girls are just embarrassed or maybe they dont wanna get sumthin on their face?? I don't know but I know I dont have a problem with it ill pig out in front of anyone

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They don't do it because they are embarrassed, as if they are "fat". If they truly are confident about themselves then they have no problem eating in front of guys.

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It doesn't bother me. Well unless you eat like a pig and make a big mess..lol

I don't like it when someone chews with their mouth open...ugh I can't stand that.

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lol...yeah I eat, but I'm not a slob. Lol only if I'm goofing off in the comfort of my own home with the one friend I can do anything in front of lol. Yeah but I eat normally in front of other people and in public. Thanks 4 answering.

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lol, maybe she just didn't feel that comfortable eating around him.

I really don't care who's around me, I eat. (; a lot even in front of my boyfriend. :D

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Personally, I don't like eating in front of anyone. Other than my family at the dinner table, I don't feel comfortable eating in front of others. I think it's because I tend to spill a lot, lol. And spilling food on my lap in front of someone isn't what I'd like.


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for me when I eat in front of people I over think and end up missing my face or looking like a fool haha. I've gotten used to it though. Just have to be comfortable with the person enough to not think about it.

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well I dont eat in front of anyone but my really close friends and my family my boyfriends have never seen me eat

I think it might be because I think after they see me eat they will be like :O because I may be small but I could eat a whole (fill in space) alone

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I find it a turn off. If you can't be yourself around me then g.t.f.o . Nothings sexier then a hot chick munching wings with you on wing night (even if they use a fork). Or tearing into a big juicy burger. The act of eating is not unattractive. Now if you eat and are a complete slob and don't know not to spit food all over the place thats a different story. But if yoou eat like a normal human go for it. It shows your comfortable around us guys.

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Well, this is very common among girls because they don't want to seem like they have to eat. Most guys like a lean, healthy, and well dieted female, which we all can't have, so forcibly, girls won't eat around guys, cause they don't wanna seem fat. I know that my girlfriend wouldn't eat around any of her ex's, but yet she feels perfectly comfortable eating around me, which I enjoy. I find not eating a turn off. I mean, its their choice to eat or not too, but what the guy thinks, shouldn't matter.

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lol yes I'm pretty sure everyone else is like that lol

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well if you want the truth... I really dont mind watching a bird munch a piece of meat ;)

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what the??! I've never even met a girl who wouldn't eat in front of guys! My friends and I haven't even THOUGHT about waiting til they were gone or something because why would you?? If you're hungry, just eat! Everyone else already knows you eat food, otherwise you'd starve to death, duh!! Maybe this is just an American thing?! I'd never heard of this concept until I read an American book one time. All the girls were like: "Oh my gawwwd! I can NOT, like, eat in front of, like, a guy!! That's just, like, growwsss!" I know. WTF :P hehe

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Haha I don't care, I'll shove a whole cake in and you can all watch if you like? Lol, anyway some girls just think probally that if they eat then people will judge them, think their fat etc. It's quite pathectic really because we've all got to eat, we know you do eat, it isn't like some top secret mission your on is it. If my boyfriend got turned off by me eating then stuff him, I'm hungry and I'm going to eat. Although I'm glad to say me eating doesn't turn him off. : ]

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I hate eating infront of guys!

end of story...
but I learned what foods are not as messy so if I do snack, I can not be a messy pig.

& my boyfriend always asks, "why dont you like to eat infront of me"
so I guess they dont really give a shit.

after all,
they take no concideration into how they eat.
they are the messiest eaters on the planet!!


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Embarrassment. For several reasons, She maybe concerned about how she looks when eating especially seeing how some men sexualize women eating. She doesn't want him to watch her eat is the answer - how she chews, crap in her teeth, it's an appearance thing.

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