How do a guy turn on a girl?

How can a guy turn on a girl?? Without touching their vagina and boobs.

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what I do is I hug her for a long time and then start kissin her cheek and forehead and whisper in her ear. it works for me when I need it.
or maybe im just a really romantic sort of guy who likes kissing too much hahah but it works for me, chicks get turned on by that when I do it to them.

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kissin on her collar bone , neck ear lobe .there are numerous ways to turn on a chick . but if your not gonna touch her vagina or boobs then what thee he ll is the point in turning her on ???

Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?
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I dont get the obsession with boob touching... its really not a turn on... I just feel like some guys groping serves no purpose.

how can I turn my guy on?
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when your hugging or cuddling say you look so cute and and sexy in those clothes

When a guy eats you out, what does the girl do?
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Usually the 'vagina and boob touching' happens AFTER she's turned on...

What turns guys on?
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Do guys always get turned on when a girl sits on his lap?

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