Why do girls love to talk so much?

Why do girls love to talk so much

Answer #1

Haha welll… not only do girls talk a lot I met a couple of guys that wouldnt shut up for nothing!! It really depends on the person… Personally I like to talk I dont know why its just something to do I guesss?? And maybe the girls you are meeting have interested in talking to you so they feel they like to talk a lot lol I guess?? I think it just depends on the mood or person you are.

Answer #2

we like to talk because there is a lot going on in a girls life… and stuff that happens in a guys life (like a break up) would be different in a girls life. because most girls are a little more emotional.

Answer #3

Girls like to talk throught their emotions which not a lot of guys do And we like to discuss things with each other to get opinions We can talk about anything even the boring stuff And guys jus like to piss about really

But its an awkward question because not all girls are like this jus most of us But sometimes youll find its jus an insecurity!!

Answer #4

Not all girls talk a lot. There are guys that talk as much as some girls do. Some people are just really friendly and always have something to talk about, thats all.

Answer #5

some talk a lot some don’t depends on the girl lol♥♥

Answer #6

if you find out, ull get the nobel peace prize

Answer #7

the main reason why girls talk soo much is because guys don’t well, they don’t talk enough… we girls like to talk, to change the mood, we hate oring conversations and guys that don’t talk.

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