Why did we change?

Okay. Me and my boyfriend were going on five months when I broke up with him. I love him a lot, but we have a lot of issues. This is why I broke up with him, please tell me what you would do, or what you would have done …

Well I threw a Halloween party at my house, and I invited my best friends Shelby and Jordan who are actually dating, and my friend Jon who is gay. All my friends are in the living room dancing, and having a good time. I look over at Jon and guess who is behind him? Jon!! I didn’t think it was a big deal because everyone was really close, and dancing with each other, so yeah I didn’t pay attention to that.

The next week Cody and I were having a lot of problems because I found out that Jon had a crush on Cody, and Cody wouldn’t stop talking to him. I hang out with Jordan, Shelby, and Jon all the time; and Cody is always with me, so yeah that is a little awkward, but I didn’t pay no mind to it because I didn’t think my boyfriend was gay.

Well that weekend we all hung out, and I woke up to Jon and Cody asleep in the same bed. I didn’t think anything of it, because there was only two beds and I fell asleep with Jordan and Shelby, so I over looked it. But anyways, Shelby, Jordan, and I left because my mom made us breakfast. I never went back to Jordan and Shelby’s apartment, so Cody was there alone with them.

Well Jon says that Cody does all this stuff with him, and I asked Cody about it, and he said NO! so I believed him and left it at that. But about three weeks later Cody brings up something about Jordan and Shelby, and I texted them and asked them about it; and of coarse that’s when everything came out.

I found out that my boyfriend had kissed Jon three times, and also told Jon that he would have sex with him. Well I confronted Cody about it and of coarse he lied about it and lied, but I finally confronted him with Jon and he admitted to it all. He said he was sorry, but I know that is not good enough.

Please give me some really good feedback.

Answer #1

I’m trying to leave him alone, but he keeps calling me telling me he loves me and cant live with out me. He makes it so hard because I really do love him, I just cant take the lies and the cheating crap anymore. And let me tell you Cody got more than enough from me, trust me.

Answer #2

hey let me tell you something, if a male does not get enough from a female please don’t kiss his a** and let him just play you. if he is gay don’t mess with himm. you can be friends but think if he cheated on you once he will do it twice. and with another guy makes it worst.

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