Why did septum piercings get so popular ?

why did septums get so popular ? do they cute on girls ? how do I clean it ? jw .. because I might get it

Answer #1

because “emo” is uber popular right now,and a lot of people wanna dress/look “emo” so they pierce themself’s to fit in.

Answer #2

I think they got popular because some guys/girls get them and then they look hott with them so sume people get them to fit iin..honestly thou I dont like then cus they make you look like a bull (no offense) but I like snakebites and eyebrow piercings

Answer #3

Im not sure, it became the “scene” thing to do. Some people though have it cause they genuinely want it while others have it to “be cool”. And the place you get it pierced will give you all the after care info you need.

Answer #4

I’m not really to sure why they became so popular, this used to be the ‘in thing’ for people who were labelled ‘scene/emo kids’. Everyone seems to be getting all these piercings nowadays, it’s rather silly as everyone’s basically copying eachother at the moment. I think they look good on both guys and girls. To clean it you use warm salty water and I used a cotton bud on my side nose piercings, which I guess cleaning that is the same as a septum piercing. I’m getting my septum done too :), I say go for it :)!

Answer #5

whre is your septum?

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