Why did I start my period again after only 11 days?

I had my period 11 days ago now its back. Why would that happen? Does this mean I could be pregnant?

Answer #1

some people have periods more then once a month I know a girl who had it twice a week every month for a while she wasnt prego you wouldnt be on your period if you were prego and your hormones are just crazy right now

Answer #2

I dont think your pregnant, you wouldnt have a period at all if you were. listen to jazlovestoskate take a pergnancy test and ask a doc

Answer #3

if you had sex, wether it was proteceted or not you obviously could be pregnant take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after you had sex to find out but getting your perod so quickly after already having one doesnt sound like a pregnancy symptom and its a very strange and abnormal to happen so you need to see a doctor and ask them whats wrong with you and why its happening

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