Why did i get my period and it went away?

ok so last night I went to so "P" and went I wiped myself I saw blood..so I put a tampon on. the next morning I woke up took d tampon off and it was CLEAN. and I haven't got my period again.. is been like 3 weeks now that my breast been tender. and I started to feel KINDA bloated.(but not really). IS THIS NORMAIL?

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You could just be having irregular periods. That happend to me a lot as a teenager and its normal. It takes the body years to regulate to a normal cycle. And by then you get pregnant and knock it all out of wack again! LOL!

But you could have just been spotting. When you bleed, was it time for your period or was it early?

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If you're on the pill you could have just been spotting.

If not, irregular periods are very normal. Wait to see if you get your next period, if not then something might be up and you should see a doctor.


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