Why can't i close my eyes while kissing?

When me and my boyfriend are making out infront my friends, even they notice that my eyes are open. Is it because I don't feel the same way or something ? I remember when me and him were making out and somebody came and pants him. ( pulled his basketball shorts down. ) It was kind of embarassing because they said he had a boner. But I still don't think thats the reason though. His eyes are always closed but mine is a blinking sort of thing. My friend took a picture once and showed that my eyes were closed, so sometimes my eyes are closed and sometimes they're not and sometimes its sort of in between. So why cant I juss close them ? Thanx.

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I dont know I seriously do the same thing but I feel like I have to know whats going on around me andi just cant seem to close mine either

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me and my boyfriend do da same thing and we love each other he says that he like to look in 2 my eyes lol but I don't doubt that we feel strongly bout each other sumtimes we wanna b aware of wats around us likre wjmot said I don't know but if your thinkin it mite have sumtin 2 do bout what you feel den maybe your doubting it and that can b a way your expressing it

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I kiss with my girl all the time and I usually never close my eyes

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