Why can't guys shave down there?

I mean, they go on about how they want US to shave down there, and I think it’s a little more risky with a vagina. it’s not fair.

Answer #1

Well, I think it all about the guy because, I’ve been shaving sine I was 16 or 17, I find nicer and feels much better that way.

Answer #2

lol its easy to nick their balls but ya I like a guy shaved too!

Answer #3

I have to agree, I have never pushed any girl I know to shave and I honestly feel most guys should respect a girl rather she’s shaved or not.

Answer #4

It has to do with both the comfort of what we do with our bodies and sometimes we even forget to do it when we’re supposed to. Not every guy enjoys shaving down there.

Answer #5

I do think it’s unfair when some guys refuse to shave/trim down there but expect the woman to.

Answer #6

I used to shave down there but I gave up when I started getting sore.pity because I loved the bare look and feel. toni

Answer #7

I’ve been shaving down there for over 20 years

pubes are not nice and I’ve cut my dick on womens pubes before…

Answer #8

Who says guys don’t shave down there? If you want someone to shave, ask them. They have as much right to agree or refuse as you do.

Answer #9

I don’t shave, because razor burn is a b*itch… I DO trim however, because it feels more comfortable and it keeps things cooler down there.

And I do prefer a shaved vagina, because it tastes better.

Answer #10

I shave, hate hair,looks a lot better and cleaner shaved,and better for oral sex, can b abit tricky just gotta take your time,depends on person some like hair some dont,if a guy keeps insisting then get him to trim shave he,l know where your coming frm then

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