Why are whales important

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Whales aren't needed for anything, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. They're still living creatures.

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because gum is made out of whale blubber and without them we wouldnt have any chewin gum!! ;]

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they help control the population of animals in the sea. every animal is pretty important. if there were no whales, then there'd possibly and probably be an over-population on the fish they eat (I forget the name of the fish) or plankton and what not. the sea would over flow!!! :o

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Sorry, tseirpeht, but in many parts of the world horses are still very important for transportation and as work animals. Besides, how could we have horse races without horses? :)

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I don't think that they are important any more. They used to be important as a food, etc. source for various cultures but with the growth of human knowledge and technology, they are no longer important. They may have useful value but no longer necessary value.

Killer whales may be an exception. They are at the top of the ocean food chain and thereby may help strengthen lesser species by culling the weak, sick and old.

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There is only one animal of no consequence to the planet. They could be done away and it wouldnt make one bit of difference to the world. They are not humans but horses. They neither hunt and are rarely hunted as a source of food.
Whales are facinating creatures, their ability to travel to the depths of the ocean floor without being crushed and their ability to use sonar without killing themselves.

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