Why are my parents making me pay rent & i'm only 16 ??

My parents are making me pay rent & I'm only 16 =/
Okay, I'm 16 and turning 17 on December 20th, I'm a minor.
Isnt it illegal for a minor to pay rent & Bills???
And there having me pay half of my insurance, When I don't even have my own car.
My own cell phone bill, I've been paying my cell phone bill since the month I turned 16.
And... Now there making me pay rent =/
When I have to share a room with my sister.
It's ridiculous.
& I'm still in highschool.

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It may seem harsh now, but in a few years when you are pushed into the cruel world of adulthood, you may thank them for showing you how to pay your own bills.

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Parents shouldn't force their children to pay for necessities like shelter, food, doctors, etc. Parents are the ones that decided to have children, they shouldn't have them just as living piggy banks.

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My friend's parents started charging her 'rent' and making her pay for all of her bills when she was 14. When she graduated college they presented her with a check for over well over $15,000 and made her swear not to clue her siblings in on the 'scam'. They had taken every red cent she had paid them and put it into a savings account. Perhaps that's what they're secretly doing for you??

Even if they're not- you don't legally have to pay rent. They're required by law to house you and pay for your basic necessities. That would be food, water, clothing, and a roof over your head. The other stuff is not necessary so you should be paying for it (insurance, cell, entertainment, etc...)

I would suggest you get a part time job (something for weekend mornings or maybe for a few hours during the week so that you can pay for your extras. Talk to them about rent. Tell them you can't afford it. If they insist, clue them in on the fact that you legally do not have to (look up the statute in your state's law/criminal code so you have hard evidence) and let them know that you're doing your best to meet their demands on your bank account, but that you aren't going to pay to live there. You're a child, they had you, they're responsible for raising you until you are eighteen. But make sure you're 'mature' and 'professional' about it- don't do this in a bratty, disrespectful way.

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in the usa around here its wrong throught the state to make you pay in your a minor, I had to pay my phone bills and doctor bills and other bills since I was like 12-13 and it is wrong but I live with my hubby now so its all good.

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in the UK your a minor under 16 @ 16 you can stand on your own 2 feet...

whats the classic saying (and not being rude in any way : )) lifes a biatch, get on with it ;)

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They are teaching you responsibility and the value of money. I'm sure they are not charging you too much and its a valuable lesson. If you don;t have the money its not like they are going to evict you.

Or they are low lifes who didnt go to college and don;t make enough to afford your food in which case, sorry, but atleast they have kids to help them out.

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okay I dont now how much your paying but otherwise its a silly question

your not a minor your 16
I've always had to pay my phone bill (since 11)
having to share your room is a bit harsh as you pay rent but I know some people who have to pay for food and rent and their 15 (brother and sister) so stop complaining you can get a job at 16 and pay up or ove out

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I know how you feel I've paid rent since I was 15 I'm now 17 (18 in the summer). I pay rent fo my room, give them money for my food and pay for everything else need/want. sometimes in this life we just have to grin and bare it and get on with life.

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because you live there they payfor food and you have a room to your self im guessing so I will have to pay when im 16 thats why I need money

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yer I was thinkin you was from england

if you are from america thats a different story and sory :)

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Um I am a minor 18 an under are considered minors. And I have to pay about 200 or more, and I don't even have a job??

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