Why are my ear gauges bleeding?

I moved from a size 4 gauge to a size 0 on saturday and my ears have been bleeding and really sore since then. I know I skipped a size but I have done it before and it only hurt for a day and then it was fine. I have clean them really well for the last few days and it didnt seem to help. so how do I stop the bleeding? thanks (:

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you have a jagged hole in your ear, of course its gonna bleed! you need to slow down, it should be a process of gradual stretching, not ripping and healing. now you can -expect- to get an infection, unless you are careful.

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because you were dumb and ripped your skin in the ear. I've dont that only once and I had to take it out and let it heal/degage. go slower than that once you get up to thoses sizes the jump increases each size after 4 and you will have scar tissue in your ears now so be careful when you gage them even higher because it might grow outward and become a big problem

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Bleeding is a very bad sign. That happened to me when I went from 10 to 6, but it was very light.

Use peroxide on them (soak a q-tip in it and apply some pressure for a few seconds), and do an Epson salt soak for 5-10mins, do them both twice a day. It worked for me. It stopped bleeding after 2-3 days of that.

It's worse to skip sizes the bigger you go. You really shouldn't do it anymore.

And whatever you do, don't take them out as that's just asking for an infection.

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