Ear pains

I got my ear peirced a few weeks ago around the middle, were the cartilage starts, then got it changed to a ring one week ago because it was too tight (and starting to bleed). Now it's been red, for a week.

I am not sure what to do, I can't take the ring out, and my whole ear is red. Not just the rim.

I could do ear soaks, numbing medication, advil overdoes. Just anything to end this pain!

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well, it might be infected... you should see a doctor.. but if you don't want to see a doctor, the best thing to do is to take it out, doctor it and let the hole close up and start again..

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defenetly infected

What should I do for my ear?

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It it's infected,get it checked out so you won't harm yourself.

a small lumb on my ear lobe , what could it be ?

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