Why are my breasts leaking milk after 8 years?

A few days ago, after getting out of the shower, I noticed a white fluid coming from my nipples that looks a lot like breast milk. My youngest is 8 years old now, why are my breasts leaking?

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Hi stacey_daniels76,

People have noted online that they still produce breast milk up to three years after giving birth, but 8 years sounds like quite a long time to me. If you are taking birth control, however, the Pill may cause you to produce milk as a side effect of increased estrogen hormone.

Regardless, I would check with your doctor, just to be safe. Just a phone call may be all you need to do to set your mind at ease.

Good luck.

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Dear stacey_daniels76,
There are several reason for this but none can be told without seeing a doctor. For some women it is a normal reoccurrence.
Sue...good luck

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