Why are most christians stuck up and when they first meet someone..

Why are most christians stuck up and when they first meet someone, for them to be a Christian ? I mean the world wasn’t built on Christianity. And why do they look down on homosexuals? or people of anouther religion ? and they hae the 7 days crap. D: its like what the f*ck? if the dinosaurs were here … for billions of years, evolution obviously happened. a species cant live for THAT long and not mutate into a new one. honesty on your thoughts and debates would be appreciated.

Answer #1

A true Christian knows they have No right to look down on anyone ! - they know: there but by the Grace of God, go I - we are human, subject to the same temptations and short comings - we are not perfect and strive to please the Lord in all we say and do but don’t always succeed - it’s a great comfort to know, if we’re sincere, our heart right, we can ask for forgiveness and He tells us He is faithful and just to forgive - not a blank check, not to be abused - a true Christian, living in His will / favor, is humble.

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I understand what you are saying. Some of the really religious people hate everyone, but only a fair few. The ones that HATE homosexuals are actually going AGAINST their religion by hating them. All you people, religion is supposed to make people love everyone, not just other people in the same religion. Over the years the true meaning of religion has been washed down and changed and now people think of it as something totally different from what it was supposed to be. The real meaning of religion was to make peace with everyone else, but people do get mixed signals and for some reason hate everyone who isn’t in the same relgion. I’m not saying everyone does that, I’m only saying SOME people hate others because of their religion. Some people actually use it in the right way by helping others. I love how people say homosexuality is a sin, while people can’t control their sexuality. And the ignorant people that say that the homosexual could be a straight person if they wanted to is just TRYING to think of reasons to hate others. As the bible says EVERYONE is a sinner, and everyone is no different. Whether you did anything bad or not your a sinner. I mean, being JEALOUS is a sin. It’s one of the commandments !!! BUT YOU PEOPLE THAT SAY BEING HOMOSEXUAL A SIN, THEN WHY, TELL ME, WHY ISN’T IT IN THE TEN COMMANDMENTS???

Answer #3

Why are most christians stuck up and when they first meet someone,

How many have you met?

dinosaurs were here around bible times with people before the flood. and all Christians arent all stuck up, just the stuck up ones

sigh …lilpoofle… meet nevets815…

we look down on homosexuals because it is a sin.

Then practice some self-loathing instead, since YOU’RE a sinner too.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - ‘Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.’

Read 6:11, cherrypicker…

Leviticus 20:13 - ‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.’

Then, shouldn’t you be out killing homos?

Answer #4

Once a person becomes a Christian, they actually take on the Spirit of Christ. When they accept him as savior, he actually comes to live within their spirit, thru the power of the Holy Spirit.

When this happens, he begins to guide them, (as they will allow it) into the ways of God.

When we first come to God, we are babies, in the spirit. We learn and grow, just as human babies do.

We go thru phases of growth, just like babies.

New born. Toddler. Teen Young adult mature adult (hopefully… )

As we learn and grow, (in God) we gradually take on more and more of his attributes… (again, hopefully)

We all know some… babes in Christ… that just refuse to grow up …

And the bible tells us how Christ deals with that, when it happens.

The will of God, is for us to learn more and more about him, and follow his lead, as given in the bible.

We are all at a different place in our walk with God.

We are all at different stages of our development, in God.

In our knowledge, and understanding of the ways of God, and the will of God.

However, it is his will, that we not only follow what we believe to be true, but, that we also, teach and train, anyone that is willing to learn, the things of God.

If God is drawing a person, by his spirit, they will be interested in the things of God, if not, they will have absolutely no interest in it, and can actually mock what it precious to a Godly person. (one who has the Spirit of God, living within )

When a Godly person, tries to share with anyone, they are following the commandments of the one they are trying to learn how to serve. They do not do this, for any other reason, rather, than to try and be obedient to their master.

However, they are always… to do this.. in the right spirit.

Answer #5

A lot of christians are afraid of nonchristians, and a lot really do think they’re better than everyone else, and a lot of them don’t want to be “unequally yoked” with nonChristian friends.

If you take to heart the Christian message “you must have faith in Jesus to be saved”, it’s hard to see nonChristians as truly equal. At best, you might see them as potentially equal.

In the final analysis, Christianity tends to be exclusivist, which is why its past is so bloody.

Answer #6

I’m sorry the christians you know are stuck up. Jesus didn’t teach His followers to be that way. God loves everyone and he wants us to love one another.

The world as we know it was built on christianity. The founders of the United States all read the Bible. and in Europe most of the kings and queens for the last 1200 years were christians. The separation of church and state is not even in the constitution. The constitution says that the state can’t make a religion. It doesn’t say anything about the people who work for the government having to be void of religion.

Not all christians look down on homosexuals. But you know what they tell you that they are born that way and there is no way to change is not true. I was gay for years. But Jesus made is I didn’t have to live that way anymore. I think we could all love everyone and share the love of God, not hatred. I think a good question could be why does everyone hate christians? Whenever I ask people that they say thinks like, “Christians are all about war. They hate Muslims. They hate homosexuals. All they think about is money.”

You know christians that are like that? I do. But that’s not the way Jesus is. A REAL Christian doesn’t hate or make war. The Bible doesn’t teach that. I think if someone says they are a Christian and hate anybody at all they are a liar.

Jesus didn’t go around with a list of rules ragging on people all the time. He got on the case of the people who did. He went around healing people because he has great compassion. Everyone they asked Him for healing received healing. The blind, deaf and lame, all sorts of diseases. He healed and talked about forgiveness and said, “Love on another.” I don’t care what you think about me or the other Christians, but give Jesus a break.

Did a Christian hurt you? Oh, I hope not. It sounds like maybe that did happen.

Answer #7

silverwings -… what kind of happy pill are you on? I’d love to try it.. :] ‘we grow like humans ‘ what the f*ck? are you some sort of ball of energy ? because, if your not a human, what else would you be?

Answer #8

because people can be very ignorant christianity doesnt teach very much actual real evidence of life, sex education, accepting people and things like that they very rarely respect anyone who doesnt beleive in what they do because after they talk to you theyll say things like “god bless” “I hope you make the right decision” ect without respect they will get none in returne

Answer #9

bluedrops - maybe so, but,when I meet a christian they think they know everything there is to life. :|

captainassassin -true. ._. my science teacher told me it was evolution. e-o;

Answer #10

1800’s the world advrege hight for a human increased 5 inches, no not a big change, but, how ever, it was evolution.

Ummm… actually… that could be attributed to better nutrition…

Answer #11

teachel - Like captainassassin said, Evolution had to happen. not the why scientists say per se, but it just had to. since the 1800’s the world advrege hight for a human increased 5 inches, no not a big change, but, how ever, it was evolution. :]

Answer #12

Nothing like that ever happened with evolution. Look at the years humans were recorded; have we changed since then? No. Obviously evolution didn’t happen. I’m not stuck up, and most christians aren’t. Don’t judge us because of one or more people. I don’t hate homosexuals. I just wish that stuff like that wouldn’t happen cause that is not what God intended.

Answer #13


Answer #14

Wow… you said something agreeable too…

looks around

Is… Hell… freezing over? I… I don’t… FEEL cold…

Answer #15

actually YES, he did.

Suuure he did… feel free to site it… and be sure to use a format OTHER than KJV.

I prefer scripture reading to be ACCURATE.

Answer #16

nevets815— I don’t look down on homosexuals because they are sinning…I’m a sinner myself. I don’t look down on them at all. they’re not a sub-species. I don’t agree with what they are doing…it’s a sin, but they probably don’t agree with me when I fail to tell the exact truth to someone…because it’s a SIN.


Answer #17

Well, since all sins are equal in God’s eyes… then you’re implying that NO sinner can be Christian. So congrats… you’re officially a heathen…

Answer #18

nevets815- AHEM. if you dont want to sin, sit on your couch, and you will goto hell. :] jesus died so you could sin.

Answer #19

I’ll just say that I’m bisexual and have many gay friends and the only people that seem to care enough to bash us are Christians. but I have amazing Christian friends. Its just how you were brought up, nobody is born to hate.

Answer #20

well first all christians are not stuck up some are just nerves to meet other people some people are like that it has nothing to do with religion. if a christian is looking down on homosexuals they are not real christian god put us all here for a reason and nobody should judge anyone

Answer #21

well I am personally a christian and noneof that applies to me.. I think a lot of times we get stereotyped into stiff likie that. its like seeing a girl in a short skirt and saying she is a slut without meeting her.

Answer #22

I actually think there nervous like that because a lot of people such as urself look down on them, so there guarding who they are when they meet new people unless there christian because they no what its like.

Answer #23

You know what I find interesting, I have seen many posts on this site from different people, attacking Christians, but haven’t come across any that say for example:

Why are all athiests so mean? Why do Buddists always act so superior? Why do muslims always judge people?

Any of those questions and including this one, sound equally judgemental and ignorant to me.

lilpoofle, your question is actually really stuck up, and its unfortunate you judge people on their religion.

Answer #24

Nothing like that ever happened with evolution. Look at the years humans were recorded; have we changed since then? No. Obviously evolution didn’t happen.

(Argument 1) That’s because evolution happens as a means of survival, once we were established as the dominant species on this planet, evolution is no longer needed to ensure our survival.

(Argument 2) Evolution is said to occur over thousands upon thousands of GENERATIONS, not years. That’s how we can document evolutionary changes in insects and microscopic life, while more complex organisms (with longer life cycles) show little change.

Answer #25

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Moron… we already went over this… the following verse nullifies your WHOLE argument. But we can walk in that circle again if you have nothing else to say…

just because its not RECORDED that jesus didnt tell anyone that doesnt mean its not still true.

And just because you WANT it to be, doesn’t mean it IS true…

Answer #26

ok captainassassin, that verse is talking about Christians, people who are saved. not people who refuse to give up homosexuality. way to take that verse out of context.

Homosexuals can be Christians and not stop being homosexuals, just as all sinners can be Christians, and not stop sinning.

no, killing is a sin too -_-

But the bible TELLS you to put them to death, so why aren’t you following God’s orders? Oh… could it be… that the bible is sending mixed messages? Could it be… contradictory?

Answer #27

no, back then that was the law. the bible says homosexuality is more than just a sin.

Yeah, it calls it an abomination… back then… when that was the law… Did Jesus (the new covenant) ever call it an abomination? No. Did HE say they’re all going to Hell? No.

its a little complicated for me to explain but do some research.

I’ve done more research on the topic (from an unbiased viewpoint) than you’ll EVER hope to accomplish. That’s how I know you’re wrong.

Answer #28

I don’t know if ‘stuck up’s’ th right way of putting it, but having been brought up in a religious school, I can say that they ‘appear’ and give off the impression that they have all the answers, you know, if something happends…it’s gods will… personally I hated being in a religious school and it felt like they have less answers, not more…I was MADE to know the bible, I had my first holy communiun when I was 7, and all I discovered about religion, is that it has more flaws and holes in it than answers.

having said that, as long as someone doesn’t try to enforce their religion on me, and it works for them, great! honestly, most people find a religion comforting, but relgion isn’t the answer for everything..

Answer #29

Thats not true, I don’t look down on homosexuals, ones that are doing it for attention bug me, but…

You don’t see us knocking down YOUR religons, do you? I know some people might think bad things about your religion, but at least they don’t SAY anything about it.

It doesn’t MATTER what religion you are, some people are just like that. I’ve met jewish people like that, athiest, christian, whatever.

I hate questions like these knocking down certain religons or races.

What gives people the right?


Answer #30

Wow… that’s now… TWO things I agree with, Rick…

I’m slowly becoming… impressed…

Answer #31

How do you know they’re not trying?

Answer #32

oh dear…

Answer #33

liberty ,Actually, yes,they do. a lot of people look down on Buddhism, y’know. :|

Answer #34


I’d high-five you, but… touching holy people… burns…

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