Why are black and latino women thicker than white women?

I'm in middle school and I live in S.C. All of the Latino and African Americans girls are thicker than the white girls.And it's the same thing when I look in magazines and on T/V. I don't thing it's a bad thing,I just wonder why.

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ok liiltenor half correct. It’s apart of a culture and genetic. in Black and Latino cultures we (im Latino well Hispanic) usually prefer a thicker women (thick being a small waist and thick thighs with wide hips/big butt). But not everyone likes that body type, just most cases. In Latino culture that’s just how a woman is suppose to look. Little girl have no curves, while women have curves. So as you (a girl) become women you get curves like a woman should have. In white culture (mostly in big cities b/c country girl seem to be thicker and ok with it) the body type is a thinner (less hips, which im not a fan of, look boyish to me). Also white families (once again in cities) tend to have less children and over time that promotes a less curvy figure. but you must understand that the curvy figure is the ideal figure for women in general (as a species) b/c you’ll have more offspring (not that narrower women cant have more kids its just easier for women with bigger hips, hence the term "child baring hips"). Look at different white groups (cultures, and yes there are different one like English, Irish, French, etc.) the Irish/Scottish women (usually red heads) have big butts/hips, why because they used to have a big families (used meaning the early 1900’s where English and French didn’t have large families) hence more kids and bigger hips. Also yes white people have in western society have (after they took over an area) more then others. But it used to be a good thing for white women to have a curvy figure. in the old times having curves (and also being fat) was the sign of wealth, in fact that continued till about the 1900's when food started to be cheaper, so now the sign of wealth become a tin figure b/c you could afford to work out. I mean how could poor people work out if they have to work all the time (look at paintings form any time before the late 1800's all the beautiful women where fat or curvy (b/c they didn’t work and could afford the extra food) then look at painting of women from 1900 to now you'll see they become thinner and less curvy. but that’s only with the wealthy, but of course everyone wants to look wealthy so the look caught on. But it’s not natural to be stick thin like most models. And a recent study in Oxford found that women with thicker figures (small waist meaning not belly fat, big hips, and thick thighs) have a low rick of heart disease and cancer b/c the fat stored in the thighs has enzymes that fight these illnesses.

Also something to think about, Marilyn Monroe if she where alive today she would never have been as famous as she was during the 1950-60’s b/c by today white culture standers for women she would be a fat cow! It true look up her figures and weight today white people would label her fat like she could loose about 40 lbs.

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its probably because your looking in the wrong places
magazines and tv, models, ect mostly show skinny and even anorexic girls whos are underweight and unhealthy
most of those people are too skinny, which make everyone else think there not normal because there not that thin too

average weight for a 14 year old??
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I think its more what appeals to the specific heritage groups. I'm not saying every latino guy wants a curvy girl or every black guy does but usually thats whats behind the curvy girls being promoted in such a way.

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Its actually a culture thing.

The caucasian culture tends towards being richer then african amarican and latino cultures (mainly because we, as whites are and have always been asswholes but w/e) So the rich value the starved figure beause they hae food and money to waste. Latino and african american cultures, tending to have less, have less to waste and value a fuller figure because it is a sign of wealth and happiness. its actually an interesting thing.

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The Diet..

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