Why are apple mac books so expensive?

I really want a mac book. It will already have preinstalled features that would be really cool like imovie and entertainment stuff .
If you hear about laptops other than mac book tell I dont think windows movie maker is all that!! So tell about a better laptop..
Mac is $999 im saving 4 a laptop and I think my dad is paying for the rest. He is kinda cheap(because I asked for a laptop 4 mii birthday). He doesnt send me stuff or money that I need since I live with my mom. I dont know!!!

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I got your funmail but I couldnt send a reply. but you can stil use a student discount in any grade.

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get a mac book FOR SURE! I am too.. they never really gets virus's ever and they are awesome. my sis loves her so much.. you could wait til its graduation time of the year and I hear they go a lot cheaper... maybe look into waiting til then.

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get a mac, cause they are better and you get more with mac than windows. I no they seem to be expensive but in the long run they are the same amount as windows pcs. o if you are stil in school you can get a student discount which helps

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i love mine!!!! But indeed they are expensive.

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