Why am I supost to b proud of been mexican?

Why am I to be proud of been mexican? At the moment I’m so conffuse if to be or not to be proud?

Answer #1

I know im not proud of being an american but what im proud of is being latino and having family that are from El Salvador that made me happy couse im half of half :]] so be proud who you are ^_^

Answer #2

Youu should be proud Dont you see our people work hard to provide for their family some even do it illegal but their here to work just to get a few dollars to send to their family! I Am sooo proud of been mexican. how my family are so close and take care of each other. Youu should do some reshearch on mexican history!

Answer #3

Brown Pride wtf, how can you even think of not being proud that your hispanic, im latino and im proud to be! BROWN PRIDE!

Answer #4

you can be proud of whatever you are and whit what you have. Sometimes is har to know but you gatta know that you are what you are for a rEASON.

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