females not take b*tch offensively any more?

We all know that cnt is offensive to females, or any one. Do you females not take btch offensively any more? Because it seems like yall dont do any thing when some one calls you that, why? And Im not saying or calling any female a b*tch, I have respect for yall.

Answer #1

I don’t like the word c*nt either.

I am always around my brother and cousin and they say things like “Look at all the b*tches!” lol I think its funny. I’m used to it.. and I use it on a daily basis too.

Answer #2

I think its very disrespectful but its true cause this world is full of bitches and cnts I wouldnt like to be called any of them but maybe other people dont care.

Answer #3

honestly… I don’t get offended because I can be a b!tch if you make me. But I think that goes for everyone. As for being called a c*nt … it would only bother me if it can from somone I cared about.

Answer #4

haha… well I dont care because I already know I can be a bit*h… and whenever someone calls me that im just like… whatever dude tell me somehting I dont already know… its not that big of a deal anymore…

Answer #5

It depends on who is using it and how (although c*nt is kinda off limits to everyone)

Answer #6

I like being called a beyotch now the c*nt word could be a little offensive

Answer #7

Cu*t I hate that word. My ex-husband called me that on a daily basis

Answer #8

what does c*nt spell

Answer #9

I honestly dont care if anyone calls me a b!tch

because I know I am one so its just like umm okay thanks!


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