Why am I spotting? Randomly?

I have irregular periods. I started birth control but my doctor told me to stop taking it because I was too much of a high dose. He was going to get me a lower one. I probably took it for 4 days. This morning I woke up cramping and I was spotting blood too! Could I have be starting my period? I know that when you start birth control you tend to spot; but how long after you start do you spot; and if you stop taking it do you still spot?

Answer #1

well for that, I would think and say that you got your period, because you took the birth control doesn´t mean that it´ll work, you´ll still get your period no matter what, if you got your period but then stopped it, then thats a serial proble, cause that will mean thats your pregnant which you don´t want at all.

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