Why am i spitting so much?

It started two weeks ago, spitting non stop. I'm spitting out saliva like water. I tried chewing gum but it just make me spit more. Every minute I'm spitting. What the hell is wrong with me?

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If that continues you definately need to see your Doctor about it to get a good diagnosis...Take care !!

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When I was pregnant, I started spitting, the doctor told me that I would spit my whole pregnancy but it stopped during the 3rd month. I had to get in my mind to swallow before it became too much. That helped me. But it was terrible for me and very embarrassing.

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Dear crystal123,
No, spitting is not a sign of pregnancy. (but that did make me smile) Your saliva glands may be over active. It is wise to go see a doctor as to why they are producing more saliva than normal...most times it is related to nothing but habit.
Sue...good luck

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I don't want to scare you or anything but where I'm from people usually use spitting as a sign of pregnancy. It's just something they say though. They also say that if you spit and ants surround it your pregnant just like you can tell if your a diabetic if you pee and ants surround,it simply because u'd be passing sugar in your urine so u'd have what we call "sweet urine"

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I don't know I some time believe in the old wise tales. if you start spitting and that's not usual for you then your pregnant. but I'm expericencing spitting myself and I never use to spit like this..

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please seek medical attention. for the sake of your life. :] good luck.

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go to the doctors

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I have no idea but m having the same problem I been like this for like 3days already...

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I think your pregnant.

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I have seen a lot of woman who spit and they were pregnant...

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i just strated spittin yesterday and haveing alot of heartburn i dont wanna thank it pregnancy but i been through this 3 time before i am not haveing morning sickness so i don't want call it pregnancy

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