Why am i scared to shave my pubic hair?

Is there any girls thats dont shave or trim their pubic hair? And if you dont, how come? And if you do, how come?

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It gets itchy when it's too hairy :/
~My opinion...that and it looks pretty unattractive..

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Shave it.
Guys Don't like hairy girls.
It doesnt realy get itchy. you just have to be careful
so you dont get razor bump things

How to shave my pubic hair
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Ehhh...I trim it a little bit.
Only because I dont want it being too crazy down there.
But I never completely shave down there.
(like mikeh said), who'd want to look like a 9 year old down there, anyway?

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Not a girl either, but I know plenty of girls who don't. It's kind of fallen out of fashion recently. My girlfriend doesn't, and I'm grateful for it. Personally, I'd rather she not resemble a 9-year-old down there, and the hassle doesn't seem worth it.

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im a girl, I dont shave down there because it gets really itchy, and im am scared to shave it there too, I just suggest not to

Hope I helped :)

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ok not a girl here either...

but let me tell you why I dont like pubes on girls:

oral sex is nasty cus I dont want pubes in my teeth and I've scratched my bell end on ex girlfriends pubes too

the hollywood as mikeh said looks like a childs but as the girl isnt and I know she isnt I dont mind it...

personally I prefer summet trendy like the brazilian ;)

I shave and will never stop :)

How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?
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Don't do it. If you're self-conscious in public, use Nair around your bikini line. But lots of men (more than the few brainwashed dorks who've posted here) prefer their woman normal. *Normal*, I said. Treat your pubic area like you would any other part of your body--clean and well-groomed. (Would you pull your toenails out instead of clipping them?)

Shaving is itchy and painful and you have to keep doing it once you start.

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Shaving makes it itchy and unattractive, waxing is extremely painful, and laser hair removal is expensive and risky.

It's really such a vain thing to stress about.

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Ok I'm a girl and I do shave around my bikini line when I go swimming...but if you shave it all thats when it get itchy so I suggest you do that around your bikini line

Do guys like it when girls shave their pubic hair?
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I shave the whole thing, they say its healthy to leave hair because it traps bacteria, but I feel too un-kept if I dont

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Omg don't do it it's to ichy LOL I tried it

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I'm not a girl I know... but shaved is WWAAAYYY hotter lol ;)

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I just shave my bikini lines,, what's the point in shaving it all off for the itch and the bumps. one of my friends shave it all and she's always saying how much it hurts.

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ive never done it..but just trim it first and see if u like it....

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