Who would find it a little awkward if your exboyfriend..?

Would you find it a little awkward if your ex-boyfriend is now your good friend and he’s getting you something for your birthday? My friend (that is my ex) asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I sadi money and he said I’ll get you that and something else and I said what is it?!? And he said I’m not tellin… So I don’t know what its gonna be! And im a little scared

Answer #1

well like he gives me hugs and you know how guys act, like their always smiling and acting wierd around you? yeah he does that too

Answer #2

its not awkward if you are comfortable with him and the situation. but I dont doubt that he still has feelings for you because a birthday present means hes thinking about you and cares.. but I dont kow for sure. does he give hints that he likes you??

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