Would you care where a girl lived if you liked her?

I feel so dumb. But I just have to ask. If you really liked a girl, like reallyyy liked her, would you care where she lives? I know that sounds dumb, but lets say you have a really nice house, and she well, doesn’t. Will that make you feel awkward? Or change your feelings about her? Or does it just not matter.

Just let me know? Pleeease.

Answer #1

I know I’m not a guy, but, If a guy changes his mind about you because of where you live than that guy isn’t worth your time. Yes it might be a little ackward, going to someone elses house, but there house shouldn’t change the way you feel about them.

Answer #2

now im not a guy but any guy who “reallyyy” liked you and got awkward over where you live is just an a$$ and he would be terribly shallow and stupid

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