Who was the man on the sally flowers tv show on wlw tv from c

Who was the man on the sally flowers tv show on wlw tv from cincinnati & colombus?

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Bob Braun

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Hi it really was Gene Fullen that was the co-host of the show. Sally co-sponsored the show for her flower shop “Sally’s Flowers” in German Village. Off camera they were mismatched; Sally was warm and homespun, and Gene was very polished. They had great chemistry on camera, but hardly could tolerate each other off camera. Also the show originated from the WTVN TV studios at the corner of Harmon, and Griggs Avenue, in Columbus, Ohio.

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It was Gene Fullen.

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Wasn't Bob Braun, he was Ruth Lyons Show. We were wondering the same about the Sally Flowers sidekick. Thanks

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Gene Fullen, He Later had a dance show on channel 6 columbus, the died while haveing a heart bypass

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gene fullen

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Side note on Gene Fullen - he was, without a doubt, the very best Santa Claus on TV in the Central Ohio area (sponsored by Lazarus).

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Gene Fullen is not exactly the correct (or at least complete answer). During Sally's TV work in Columbusi she was paired with Billy Scott (who, later with wife Helen had a country/gospel show) on a show bearing her own name and sponsored by "Moores Stores' (general store/hardware).

She later worked with Gene Fullen and D. Shorr on "Bowling for Dollars" but was actually added to the cast and not one of the original stars. However, it was Billy Scott with whom she worked the longest and on her own show.

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I was trying to remember who sang "The Deck of Cards" on the country show on WLWC back then. You have answered my question. I'm sure it was Billy Scott. He was a very nice fellow and I got to be in the studio and control room quite often back then. My dad was Sales Manager under Jimmy Leonard when they went on the air. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

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