Who thinks they can answer this riddle?

Anyone think they can answer this riddle? I know the answer but im bored and want to know who else can work it out? A cowboy rides into town on Friday. He stays in town for 3 days, then leaves on Friday. How did he do it?

Answer #1

thats crap lol

Answer #2

You need some new material, lol

Answer #3

lol my cousin was watchin it at ma house :|

Answer #4

omg are you serios ahhahah icarly shit

Answer #5

his horce was called fryday.

Answer #6

Lmao lol how many times have I heard this one hmmm.. The horse’s name is friday

Answer #7

Lol I didn’t get it at first

Answer #8

The horse is named Friday. :)

Answer #9

lmao when I first heard it I couldnt figure it out at all :P

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