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A correction to the past riddle...

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I got a close enough answer other then basing my answer off of the last line in the riddle IE Answer = Yes or No... I stumbled upon it when reading this similarity

'What is greater the God? Worse then the devil? Rich people have it But poor people don't And if you eat it, you will die.'

It is man Man is greater that God because you yourself are the all supreme being. Like wise with devil man makes mistakes often horrible mistakes, making him evil as well, Rich people can own men... or at least pay them to do work for them. Likewise Vis-Verse, poor people cannot have people work for them. And anyone can die from eating someone else think of the contents living in your body... enough to kill someone else.

Now then to answer this Riddle line by line

I turn polar bears white Man can do this... it may be animal cruelty.. but it CAN be done.

the answer to the first riddle is nothing nothing is greater than god nor more evil than the devil the poor have nothing the rich need nothing and if you eat nothing you starve

there you go