Who thinks that its true that a broken heart never heals?

some say that a broken heart never heals others dont belive in broken hearts what do YOU think?

Answer #1

In some ways it is true I’ve had my heart broken before and it took a while to heal but in the end it did. So in my opinon yes broken hearts do heal eventually you just have to be emotionally mature enough to battle the hurt and who says you have to do it alone? You have family and friends that will pull you through it too!

Hope this helped=)

Answer #2

I would have to say I find that to be false. Time heals all pain, but the first steps start with you. In order to be able to move on you must first forgive whom ever it was that broke your heart.

Answer #3

I think in time a broken heart will heal but you’ll remember the experience and learn from it… thats what happened in my case.

Answer #4

I believe in broken hearts, although I’ve only had one true experience of it. Time heals most wounds but you need to have the right attitude in order for this to work. Memories and the sharp pain will fade but you have to want to get over the heart break in order to really heal. As “tweety sweety” said, you’ll always remember the experience but you’ll learn from it and be better able to cope with the next time your heart breaks

Answer #5

I believe in a broken heart. and I have recently had my heart broken. a broken heart never truly heals. it will always be there. but maybe finding the right person out there for you who WONT brake your heart can fix it and make you forget about the pain.

Answer #6

A Broken heart will always heal. It may take time but it will.. And maybe you should get together with your girlfriends and watch movies and girl stuff it gets your mind loft things

Answer #7

A broken heart can ABSOLUTELY heal, but it will take seeing the bigger picture by interpreting your breakup in a totally radical way–as if it were the best thing that ever happened to you, through forgiveness and claiming the gifts of the relationship.

It becomes possible to heal a broken heart when you integrate spiritual laws and learn the tools necessary to see the situation from a different perspective.

Many people create a story around their broken heart casting themselves as helpless victims instead of the powerful co-creator they are. It might feel good for a little while to point your finger, but ultimately that will just keep you in pain. If you want to use your broken heart as a catalyst to creating the kinds of relationships you want then start with Debbie Ford’s book, Spiritual Divorce. Then if you are really ready to heal your broken heart hire a Divorce/Relationship coach like myself. I use Debbie Ford’s proven process and I have every confidence that the concepts taught in this powerful model has incredible healing potential… …once you surrender your ego and integrate the powerful tools taught. Leila

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