Who thinks I would be a good advisor?

I know I have only been on this site a day and a bit but from the advice I have gaven who thinks I would make a good advisor ? I was just woundering :) thank you. Yours truly Demika Ray

Answer #1

Depends on the advice you gave. If it was nice and helpful then I think YES!

Answer #2

I think posting a question (after only being on the site a day) asking if you’d be a good advisor… is a mark AGAINST you…

Advisors become advisors by focusing on helping others, not by focusing on becoming advisors.

Answer #3

Your advice is good, but there’s one other thing you need to make sure you fully understand - how the site works.

Spend some time in the FunAdvice Community section pouring over old questions to familiarize yourself with how things work here.

Oh, and watch the grammar, dear…’gaven’ is not a word.

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