Do you think shimmy is a good nickname?

I think shimmy is an odd name to call someone. especially if their name is patrick. why would someone start caling a patrick a shimmy? does he eat an abnormal amount of cocoa puffs? is he in nellys music video? is he a belly dancer? why shimmy? why??? his real name is patrick edward diaz. I dont where shimmy came from.

Answer #1

depends on the history why it has to be shimmy.. you should get nick from some situation or something in relation to the person named patrick, before you come up to a cutie nick.. Ü

Answer #2

LOL. Sometimes nicknames just happen for the sake of happening. If you don’t like then tell who ever’s calling you that to stop.

Answer #3

Patrick should be like patts,I just love this nickname. CROWDZ

Answer #4

If he’s Irish, it could be linked to ‘shamrock’.

But it’s only a name - why worry?

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