Which blackberry should I get: curve 8520 or 8900?

I’m a 14 year old girl and Im going to get either a blackberry curve 8520 or a blackberry curve 8900 soon. The only notable differences I know of are that 8520 is smaller with a trackpad, but 8900 has a better camera and a trackball (a common blackberry feature). If it matters, I live in Canada and am with Rogers. The 8520 is cheaper, but it doesnt really matter. Do you have either of these phones? Are you happy with them?

Answer #1

I have an 8520 its an amazing phone and so easy to text on especially during class

Answer #2

I have a 8520 and I absolutely LOVE this phone! You can get so many different apps for it like FB TMZ a social site everything! If you do get one I would recommend getting blackberry app world because there are so many useful apps that are free like new themes ebooks and online photo albums. Another plus with the trackpad it doesn’t mess up like the trackball does. I’ve had a lot of blackberrys (pearl, 8900, and now the 8520) and the 8520 is the BEST one, plus it doesn’t look as generic as the 8900 or pearl. Hope this helps!

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