Who think my mom don't care about me?

am asking this question cause of a talk me and a friend had. He said my mom don’t care about me ( that crazy). Cause I can do a lot of stuff and am only 15. I told him yeah am young but I can take care of myself and my mom know that. like I told him I can get a tattoo if I want. and he said that cause your mom don’t care ( lol). am old enough to make my own choices and he call me crazy when I told him I don’t get grounded or anything. ( no am not spoil -.-) I just know how to handle myself am not like most teen out here. If I leave at 9Pm am not going to get in no trouble. I know right from wrong. yea I smoke before and yea I drank before. but who is perfect? and my mom gave me my brother and my sister freedom when we young ( around 13). my brother turned out good my sister well that another story. and then it me I handle almost every problem I got by myself. I learned a lot of stuff by myself. none of my sister brother nor me had a father in our life. that didn’t affect us like my mom told us if someone hit us we should hit them back. I still don’t believe that I believe we should walk away. I got some great manners ect. ect… so by far I think my friend is crazy -.-…but who agree with him that she don’t care? ( I think she just truth us a lot)

Answer #1

I had to really scratch my head a lot to answer this. I’m not sure to agree with your friend, your mother doesn’t seem to be very watchful of you. She does love you but she doesn’t pay attention to what you are doing as you grow up. I would personally say that your mother is a bit loose on her household policies. She isn’t very strict with her children. I’m still debating with myself if I agree with your friend or not but this is what I think so far.

If your mother lets you get a tattoo at your age, something is odd with that picture. You’re around my age, I take it. With that being said, you’re not fully grown to be getting tattoos. Your skin will eventually grow since you’re in puberty and that won’t give the tattoo a good picture. Just the notion of her allowing you to get a tattoo is a bad picture for me. My mother would kick me out of my house if I ever got one. The odd thing is, you’re not legally old enough to get one. Which means, you would have to get it done in some underground vicinity.

I also noticed you don’t get punished, that’s another odd picture. Punishment isn’t to bore you, it’s to show you that what you did is wrong and that there are consequences for your actions. I think that she doesn’t punish you because it’s probably ineffective? I’m not sure what her reasons are for that. Looking further down your question, I noticed that you smoke and drank before and just before that you said you knew right from wrong. Honestly, this mindset you have is not really productive, you don’t have to be perfect to know that you’re not supposed to drink at your age. You need to know right from wrong, which you say you do but I’m reluctant to agree with.

Giving children ‘’freedom’’ at a young age isn’t a smart move. Children can be very naive and hardheaded, I’m not saying that you are but at a general viewpoint, I tend to see this quite a lot. I personally don’t feel responsible yet to have earned my dose of freedom. You see, your sister didn’t turn out well for a reason and that reason can well possibly be poor guidance.

I’m sure your mom struggles hard to maintain all three of you but there are just some things that she needs to take time out and sort out properly. What I’m getting is that your mother loves all of you but she can’t seem to put order around the house for some reason. Either you guys are strangely difficult or she simply can’t maintain the order. I noticed a lot of your questions before and I must say…She is very loose with her policies. I know you’re probably thinking you can handle everything yourself, it doesn’t work like that, there are times that you need to step away and get help. She needs to be stricter with you at least because you seem very reluctant about school and that’s not a good sign and that’s something that you should tell your mother.

Good luck…

Answer #2

It’s not that she dosen’t care on that I don’t agree. But you know sometimes perents aren’t the best example that you could give, I can get a tatto if I want to, but if you knew right from wrong you would know not to get one just yet. I could do that too, and I was panning on it, but I was like why do it now? and not when I grow up and my mind knows the REAL right from wrong. Yeah you might know right from wrong and you might say no to some stuff and yes to other but we all need perents to sometomes guide is because sometimes our path does twist as we go along. You have drinked, you have smoke… And you know right fro wrong? Well then you should have known that, that might affect you in the long run. I don’t think that your mom dosen’t care, is just that there are somethings that she hasen’t guided right, because soehow you believe that everything you do is right.

Answer #3

actually that is how most teenagers feel(that they can do everything and anything by themselves)but unfortunately we’re all wrong though I HATE to admit it of course your mom cares about you!!! she’s your mom!!! she’s just really easy going is all but she’s still your mom no matter what she’ll aways care about you and love you! but I dont think she should give you so much freedom to do whatever you want but thats besides the point the point is she is your mother and loves and cares about you!!! she has to cause she’s your MOM I think it’s even in the bibble somewhere! lol

Answer #4

hedge these peoples advice is a matter of opinion. My mom was really non-strict with me and I am 21 own a car, pay for college alone, rent my own place, and have a stable 5-9 corporate job. I think that a lot of kids with a lot of rules rebel more and end up resenting their parents for making them miss the coolest slumber parties and all that jazz. I think your mom cares about you deeply and trust that you will make the right decisions for yourself seeing how your older siblings turned out, apparently what to do (brother) and what NOT to do (sister).

Answer #5

Your mother does love you. She just isn’t a traditional Mom. I don’t think you’ll find very many people who agree with the way she is raising you. Her parenting skills are not exactly focused where they should be. Look at your sister as an example. Not every person can handle the freedom you are given and she is a prime example. It might have been wise if your Mother had seen what path her daughter was taking and stepped in and corrected it. Most Mothers will give a little freedom at a time, watch where you choose to go with it, and then correct your direction as needed.

My mother lost control of me at 15 because she was too self absorbed in herself and what she wanted. I am not sure if your Mother gave you freedom as you say or if she just got too tired to keep trying and gave up.

Answer #6

You sound to me like your head is on straight…you also sound older than you are…You probably don’t get grounded, because you come home when you say you will, you go to school like you should…etc etc.

Maybe your mom set a good example, and you and brother figured out early that you were lucky to have her. There are darn few families that don’t have one wild child (your sister)…but would more discipline kept her from doing what she does?

I think your mom might have raised you in the same way she was raised…and I think she probably DOES care a lot about you…


Answer #7

Hmmm…I think your mom cares about you,but she needs to be more stricter… And she needs to be more involved in you and your siblings life’s…And honestly thats too young to give you guys that much freedom! I’m not saying your mom doesn’t care/love you guys,she just needs to make wiser decisions…I’m not judging, this is just my personal opinion.

Answer #8

I agree with username:kayplove1.

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