thinking a lot latley about moving out of my moms house

So I’ve been thinking a lot latley about moving out of my moms house. I know im way to young,but im very responsible and I am going to be getting a job very soon.My best friend,who is 18,is also thinking about moving out of her moms house.She has a steady job and we have been talking about getting an apartment a lot.

What is your opinion on this?

How would I get my mom to agree to this?

Answer #1

almost 15

Answer #2

I think that if your ready for it and u trust urself enough then go for it! you can always go back home! I don’t know if your mom is gnna agree with it but if she thinks your responsible enough then she’ll let you do it

Answer #3

how old are you anyway?

Answer #4

Wisest to make your education the priority - job/apartment later.

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