Should men be allowed to vote on abortions?

Should men be aloud to vote on abortions? It is not their body, yet it is their son. Double switch blade here.

Answer #1

She got pregnant. Does she wants to marry her partner or does she love him is not really an issue. But let’s say he gets a vote and it goes his way. To a man a new baby is very important and fathers love their kids as much as mothers do. But the mother makes a lot more sacrifices then the father. He only gives money and attention, For a woman: there is loss of self confidence, complexes, sometimes even health issues, not to mention the child birth, breast feeding, pain, long absence from work which, lets face it, can be really deadly in the beginning of a young woman’s career. (young women are mostly the ones asking or abortion) If she is not WILLING and READY to do all this, then she shouldn’t. Because it could ruin her health, (as much as physical, so much the mental), make her regret the things she missed on, in the end it could leave some consequences on the child too. At a young age children are more attached to their mothers, the father can’t be of much help in the situation.

Answer #2

I agree with utopia.

If a man wants the child provided it was consensual sex then he should also have a say, however it is the women who has to make physical sacrifices and more emotional sacrifices than the man. I would still have to say that it should be her that should have the final say.

Answer #3

I agree with Utopia… if a parent wants the child… that parent should be solely responsible for the childs upkeep.

Answer #4

Lol. or daughter you mean?

And no. Not his body. When men can have babies in their bodies or outside in an artificial environment, then by all means they should have a vote. And yes, the woman should have ownership over her own body…

Answer #5

A woman should have final say. period. If a man INSISTS she give birth then he should be given full custody to raise the child completely. Room, board, 2am feedings, loss of job time, etc. the whole bag. I doubt there are many men who would be willing to take on the FULL job of motherhood, alone.

Answer #6

hey this is cool question. you know this is kinda like prop 8. like should straight people be able to vote on it? aha well I think they should because they have to deal with it also well not the actual abortion. but the effect it has on families and stuff like that.

Answer #7

Would the mother who wants to have the baby… against the wishes of the father… be willing to waive child support?

Answer #8

Isn’t the “free abortion” thing something belonging in the 1970’s??

In my country the woman alone can do as she pleases, and noone will ask any question whatsoever.

Answer #9

In a relationship where two people had consensual sex and the father wants to be involved with the child’s future, then morally I think he should have some say in the matter. But something like that is hard to quantify legally. So, if the couple can’t settle the matter between themselves and do go to court, it’s ultimately the woman’s decision.

There are all kinds of scenarios that come up when you’re talking about abortion. It’s not a black and white issue at all, but the American public, both “pro-life” and “pro-choice” continue to see it and debate it that way.

Answer #10

Ah, but what I should’ve put in there was it indicates that she has all ownership over the CHILD.

Answer #11

Yes. Why? The idea of giving a woman complete control over wether or not she brings a child to full term, indicates ownership.

Answer #12

She does have full ownership while it’s in her body and cannot survive on its own (thus limiting the period of abortion). Once that is no longer true, then she no longer has full ownership…

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