Who likes the Jonas Brothers and will talk with me about them?

I LOVE the Jonas Brothers so much. I dont get it though…they have MILLIONS of fans but im the ONLY one who goes to my school so I have no one to talk about them with. If I talk about them to my friends they either get annoyed or laugh at me. If you like the Jo Bros and would like to talk about those amazing guyz with me please reply below and add me as a friend so I can give you my email address. thanks!!!

Answer #1

I LOVVVEEE THE JONAS BROTHERSSS!!! I will talk about them with you anytime!!! I am like one of the three at my high school who likes them . JOEEE <3333333


Answer #2

possibly!!! lmfao!

Answer #3

Guys she asked who liked them not who hated them… I like them, just a little bit I guess they are ok =)


Answer #4

I’m along with Johnathan. I don’t like them at all, Justin Bieber is a billion times better than them, and he is his own band. That’s just my opinion. :)

Answer #5

The Jo Bro’s are kinda okayy.. But TOKIO HOTEL ROCKS! :)

Answer #6

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! lol even though it happend 2 hours ago for where I live

Answer #7

all the young singers suck!!! esspecialy justin beiber!!! he sounds like a girl!!! he hasnt even hit puberty yet lmao!!!

Answer #8

Maybe he…(she) is a girl lol lol:):)

Answer #9


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